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Yearly Archives: 2012

Three Secret Dinners

Hello Enthusiasts – It has been too long.  My apologies.  It’s all this damn work. But I couldn’t stay away any longer, because I have three secret dinners for you to try, and at least a couple of them won’t . . . Read More

LeKa and Towne: Is A Great Space Enough?

Hello Enthusiasts – I blame Perch.  Well, perhaps “blame” is too strong a word.  But, Perch is something of a precursor to two recently opened restaurants that I am struggling with.  Let me explain. Perch is a great space.  An . . . Read More

Downtown’s Best New … Everything

Hello Enthusiasts – Loyal readers of this little vanity project will note that I usually try to provide a theme for my posts, even while telling you about the latest and greatest.  (and for those of you who complain that . . . Read More

Being Value Added

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, as usual, I’m VERY far behind in updating you on the latest and greatest.  At last count, I have 4, count ’em, 4 places that I’ve been dying to update you on.  And I promise to . . . Read More

The Virtues of Rebirth, Thrice

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, here we are again.  Sometimes you hit on a theme and it proves itself relevant beyond what you could have predicted. In Act 1, we considered a situation where the owners of an existing place that . . . Read More

Who Is Voting for Best of Downtown?

Hello Enthusiasts – I have a longer post coming, but I couldn’t resist a quick, timely one. This week’s Downtown News is its annual Best of Downtown issue.  Now, the Downtown News is actually a publication that I typically like.  . . . Read More

The Virtues of Rebirth, Redux

Hello Enthusiasts – My last post discussed the virtues of rebirth, when the owners of an existing place recognize the benefits of reinventing themselves – it makes us wistful for the prior incarnation, but appreciate the fact that these kinds . . . Read More

The Virtues of Rebirth

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, we’re springing into summer here, and that’s always a time to think about what’s new, what’s going to be on our agenda as we roll into the fun time of the year.  Or maybe it’s just . . . Read More