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Yearly Archives: 2009

Best & Favorites of 2009

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, this is it. The last post of the year. 2009 saw the birth of this blog, and it seems to have struck a chord with some of you, which is great. Downtown is going strong, and . . . Read More

Drinking with Santa

Hello Enthusiasts – Today’s post is about winter in Los Angeles. And how it actually kind of sucks. Or, more accurately, winter *days* kind of suck – because when the weather hits 70 degrees in December or January, well, that’s . . . Read More

The Next Coolest Bar in Downtown

Hello Enthusiasts – Becoming an amateur enthusiast is an interesting journey. It starts with having a genuine interest in exploring new places – and frequenting places that you like. It’s an interest that can’t be forced. But what happens over . . . Read More

The best … cafeterias?

Hello Enthusiasts – If I were you and saw the subject matter of this post, I would think “why do I care about cafeterias? I only eat in them when I have to.” But that’s the point: cafeteria dining can . . . Read More

The Best Downtown Dive?

Hello Enthusiasts – I haven’t blogged about it much recently, but my quest to eat lunch everywhere possible in Downtown lives on. When I set out to do this, I had visions of ferreting out all those little dives that . . . Read More


Hello Enthusiasts – In case you’ve been under a rock, Halloween is this weekend – and it’s on a Saturday which, if you haven’t figured this out, will only happen once every seven years (although I think maybe Leap Year . . . Read More

The Downtown Weekender

Hello Enthusiasts – First, some housekeeping. Due to a technical glitch, last week’s post disappeared, and some of you asked me about it. So as a public service, here’s the summary: when you want to be seen – or demonstrate . . . Read More