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Yearly Archives: 2012

The Anchor of an Emerging Corner

Hello Enthusiasts – I’m going to spare you the big think/why-Downtown-is-so-great pablum that I usually give you (and that you love) and jump right in here. Whenever anyone asks me where they should “start their night” Downtown, I don’t give them . . . Read More

Getting Caught Up

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, sometimes life sneaks up on us, doesn’t it?  We’ve been meaning to try that new place or we’ve been curious about somewhere we’ve heard about … yet, something always gets in the way of actually going . . . Read More

Another Find, Just Down The Road

Hello Enthusiasts – Loyal readers of this little vanity project will know that my favorite places are often “finds.”  Put another way, location and context matters.   Stumbling on a cute little wine bar in Brentwood isn’t that exciting.  It doesn’t . . . Read More

The Eating Traveler

Hello Enthusiasts – This post isn’t going to tell you about any new, cool places (or at least, it won’t tell you about any that you can easily get to).  Fair warning:  this is one of my ‘big think’ish posts.  . . . Read More