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Today’s Guests: Cedd Moses & Pedro Shanahan

Hello Enthusiasts –

Well, gee, it’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it?  Not a single post in all of 2021.  I’ve had a number of people say I should do pandemic-oriented posts like who has the best takeout or how restaurants are navigating or what have you.  But a) I find that depressing, and b) I feel like you can get info like that everywhere if you really want it.

And then, as things have reopened, I still feel like most places are still figuring out this new normal.  Vax checks and masks to go to the bathroom and reduced menus and just … all of it.  Basically, it wasn’t like I was eager to rave about places when so many places were shutting down and/or just barely hanging on.

But … there are signs of life.  Bottega Louie is reopened and as bustling as ever.  There have been some exciting new openings in Downtown (which may actually inspire a post at some point soon), And some of the closed spaces are being reincarnated in new forms.  Things will be OK.

But none of that is why I’m posting today or why I’ve got a new podcast episode on deck.

Along those lines, loyal readers of this little vanity project know that I am a huge fan of Cedd Moses, who has done more to invent and reinvent nightlife in Downtown than anyone.  He, too, survived the pandemic and his iconic establishments are back, with everything from whiskey societies to live music going strong.  Loyal *listeners* to the accompanying podcast of this little vanity project know that he was, quite intentionally, my very first guest.  So … why is his name up there along with Pedro Shanahan as “today’s” guest?  Because he is now my first repeat guest.

Why?  Because he wrote a book!  Yep, an actual book, and it’s really fun.  It’s his ode to bars and bartenders and it’s called Pouring With Heart.  And Pedro joins us because he’s not only the “spirit guide” for Cedd’s bar group, but he’s the voice of the audiobook.  So we have a lot of fun talking all about that – but really, we talk about compassion and empathy and community and conversation and … heart.

Anyway, it’s worth checking out. And, if nothing else, it’s new content!

As always, while I am always surprised by the number of people who listen directly on this website, it’s easier (and better) to subscribe on Apple podcasts, which you can do here.  But, it’s on all the other platforms, too.

Hope you enjoy, and happy travels.