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Yearly Archives: 2018

An Open Letter to the new LA Times Food critics

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, we have our answer.  The LA Times has announced Jonathan Gold’s successor.  Or, successors, as they were.  It makes sense that they wouldn’t try to simply pass the mantle to one person.  It’s impossible.  So, they . . . Read More

Jonathan Gold, Los Angeles … and me

Hello Enthusiasts – Sad times here in La La Land.  Our culinary pied piper got called for a reservation at the big restaurant in the sky.  Jonathan Gold’s unexpected death hit all self-respecting Angelenos pretty hard.  And I’ve been thinking . . . Read More

A Whoooole Bunch of Quick Hits

Hello Enthusiasts – The question I get asked the most is “are you still writing your blog?” followed closely by “did you take me off your distribution list?”  To which I always have the same answers: “no, I still write . . . Read More

Downtown Takes the Next Step

Hello Enthusiasts – Today’s post tells you about a place you may have already heard something about, so I may be jeopardizing my track record as being the person you hear about things first from.  (“the person from whom you . . . Read More