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Things I missed

Hello there, long lost Enthusiasts –

Welcome back. Sorry for the downtime – technical issues that aren’t worth going into. But judging from the number of queries I received about where your loyal Amateur Enthusiast went, I’m happy to know that you’re following along.

But since I wasn’t frequenting my downtown haunts as often over the last few weeks, I got the opportunity to miss some of what makes downtown great. I say “the opportunity” because sometimes it’s good to step away a bit in order to appreciate things a little more. Stop taking things for granted. So before I just get back into the swing of things, this is a little post on what I missed about Downtown while I was gone, in no particular order:

— sourdough toast at the Pantry.

— getting lunch at the Farmers Market on 5th and eating it in under the shade in the Maguire Gardens.

— sneaking up to the Tom Bradley room at the top of City Hall and taking in some of the best views of the City. (and there was that one time when, allegedly, your loyal Enthusiast actually climbed up the inside of the “hat” and poked his head out of the tippy top of City Hall. But that’s not allowed, so I’m sure it didn’t actually happen).

— minty lime coolers at Ciudad.

— playing hooky with a long lunch in the recliners at the ESPN Zone in LA Live.

— letting John make me whatever he wants at Seven Grand.

— imagining I’m in a speakeasy in 1930s Los Angeles over a vintage cocktail at the Varnish.

— watching the sun set from the Standard rooftop, feeling like the buildings are speaking the City to you. (and wondering who the people swimming are)

— dropping into Chaya for happy hour and having a few laughs with Jeff and Mary.

— the 38 degree Manhattan at Bottega Louie.

— the best people watching spots: Pershing Square, Maguire Gardens, and California Plaza.

— pumpkin ravioli at Zucca.

— the hidden gardens at Disney Hall.

— trivia night at Royal Clayton’s.

— but mostly, I just missed the buzz – especially the summer buzz – that makes Downtown LA the most vibrant, interesting, and unexpected treat in this whole crazy city.

What would you miss?

It’s good to be back, and happy travels.