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Yearly Archives: 2020

Today’s Guest: Carol Schatz

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, Season 1 of this little vanity project is almost drawing to a close.  We’re on our second to last guest for the season … but how can anyone start a podcast focusing on Downtown Los Angeles . . . Read More

Today’s Guest: Dave Whitton

Hello Enthusiasts – As some of you have noticed, we took a little break from posting new episodes.  With the uprisings and general reckoning that we have been going through, posting breezy “before times” interviews seemed tone deaf, at best. . . . Read More

Today’s Guest: Linda Dishman

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, we’re getting close to the end of Season One.  After this, we’ve got 3 more guests, all of whom are very different from one another. But today, I’m posting my interview with Los Angeles Conservancy President . . . Read More

Today’s Guest: Paul Audley

Hello Enthusiasts – Skipped last week again.  Oops.  I know you’re all devastated. As we slowly start to tiptoe back into … well, not normalcy, but whatever we’re tiptoeing back into … I thought it would be timely to post . . . Read More

Today’s Guest: Billie Greer

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, once again, I skipped a week.  Forgive me.  But it’s fun to see the downloads tick up – hopefully you all are getting the hang of what we’re trying to do here. This week’s guest is . . . Read More

Today’s Guest: Chris Martin

Hello Enthusiasts – So, today’s episode is crowd sourced.   I asked the hive mind who they wanted to hear, and the overwhelming choice was the person who made nitroglycerin in their garage as a child. Well, that person is none . . . Read More

Today’s Guest: Sue Laris

Hello Enthusiasts – If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice I didn’t upload a new episode last week.  Entirely unintentional — with all these days running together, it just escaped me.  Quarantine Brain. Anyway … as I’ve been listening to these . . . Read More