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Yearly Archives: 2016

We still have to eat.

Hello Enthusiasts – I’m not sure who’s all on my distribution list, and the law of averages dictates that at least a few of you voted for our (ahem) President-elect.  But most of you didn’t, and I didn’t.  And if . . . Read More

The Best Restaurant You’re Not Eating At

Hello Enthusiasts – Someday, someone will have to explain to me how our internal radar works.  Because the most random things can get “on our radar”, and then something that totally SHOULD be on our radar somehow doesn’t get there.  . . . Read More

Otium, Jonathan Gold, and me

Hello Enthusiasts – Apologies in advance, but this is sort of a long one.  Anyhoo…  In my most recent post titled “random musings”, I said this:  “Otium is amazing and will get its own blog post soon.”  Now, loyal readers . . . Read More

Random New Year Musings

Hello Enthusiasts – As we ease into 2016, I realize that I neglected to do a year end post the way I have in the past.  Although for you avid link followers, you’ll note that this link directs you to . . . Read More