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Today’s Guest: Dave Whitton

Hello Enthusiasts –

As some of you have noticed, we took a little break from posting new episodes.  With the uprisings and general reckoning that we have been going through, posting breezy “before times” interviews seemed tone deaf, at best.

And honestly, I’m not sure what the “right time” is for any of this.  But, as we continue to struggle with Crazy Covid, and our brief flirtation with normalcy seems to have been just that – brief – I am deciding to put some “before times” content back out into the world.  And, candidly, I worked hard to put these together and don’t want to keep them quiet forever.

Dave Whitton is perhaps an unexpected choice to “come back out” with.  He’s not a household name, and he’s a bar owner and operator – something that, perhaps, seems somewhat common.  But I chose this interview for two reasons:  one, as bars remain closed and restaurants remain curtailed, I just think that remembering the conviviality and community and comfort that they can provide is timely.  And two, Dave is a funny, engaging interview.  And also, he made a journey that is less common than you might think: from bartender to bar owner (with a side of musician thrown in).  So, hopefully by now you’ve heard enough of these to know how they go, and that even if you don’t know my guest, you trust that you’ll hear an interesting story and a lively conversation.

So … if you’re ready for a reminder of how things used to be, and how they hopefully will be again, and you want to just relax and laugh a little … click the link above or subscribe on Apple podcasts, or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

PS  – Just two guests and three episodes left for season one of this little vanity project!