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Today’s Guest: Paul Audley

Hello Enthusiasts –

Skipped last week again.  Oops.  I know you’re all devastated.

As we slowly start to tiptoe back into … well, not normalcy, but whatever we’re tiptoeing back into … I thought it would be timely to post my interview with a little known guy with an outsized impact on the Los Angeles economy: Film LA President Paul Audley.

Film LA approves and permits pretty much all the filming that happens in Los Angeles.   Helicopters flying under freeway overpasses?  Cars racing in the LA River?  Creating a train wreck in Downtown Los Angeles?  All facilitated and figured out and permitted and managed by Film LA.

But as usual, this episode isn’t just about what it’s like to be charge of film permitting in Los Angeles (though that would certainly be interesting enough).  It’s also Paul’s story – and it’s not one you’d probably expect.  To wit: before taking this job, he had had never worked in entertainment, never worked in filming, and never been to Los Angeles.  How the heck did that happen?  Take a listen and find out.

Hope you’re all staying healthy and sane. Happy listening.

P.S. … Fun fact – this was the very first podcast recorded in the “podcast room” in the lobby of the newly refurbished lobby of the Mayfair Hotel.  Hopefully we’ll all get to visit it again soon!