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Today’s Guest: Linda Dishman

Hello Enthusiasts –

Well, we’re getting close to the end of Season One.  After this, we’ve got 3 more guests, all of whom are very different from one another.

But today, I’m posting my interview with Los Angeles Conservancy President and CEO Linda Dishman.  Linda has led the Conservancy for over 25 years, leading the way to help turn Los Angeles from a city that famously has “no flavor of the past” to one that proudly looks back on its history while always striving forward.

I wondered – how does someone make a career in historic preservation?  And how does someone decide to take a job preserving the history of a city that barely thinks it has any history to preserve?  And how has that all changed in 25 years (hint:  the 1970s are now 50).

You’ll hear about Linda’s own journey to this unlikely calling, and you’ll hear a deep dive into some of the Conservancy’s biggest fights – not all of which were victorious.

Interested in LA history?  In what it’s like to face down the mighty Archdiocese of Los Angeles?  In how a revolving foot sign relates to historic preservation?  Listen on…