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Yearly Archives: 2013

The Bloody Mary Challenge

Hello Enthusiasts – Quick little fun post here. Loyal readers of this little vanity project will recall when I talked up the best Bloody Mary I had ever had.  It’s the Proud Mary, concocted by awesome OG bartender Eric Tecosky . . . Read More

It’s Not Too Late

Hello Enthusiasts – This is a short post to tell you that if you haven’t figured out what part of the LA Food & Wine Festival you’re going to attend, you’re missing out.  Lots of things have sold out, but . . . Read More

Yet Another Wow Place

Hello Enthusiasts – Just a short time ago, I posted about Downtown’s Newest Wow Place.  And in that post, I made the point that Downtown had gone a little while without opening places that compelled me to write about them. . . . Read More

Downtown’s Newest ‘Wow’ Place

Hello Enthusiasts – I often lament the fact that the job that actually pays my mortgage prevents me from pursuing this little vanity project as often as I’d like.  Which is not untrue – topics that have been on my . . . Read More

Traipsing Through the OC

Hello Enthusiasts – How have you been?  I’ve been good, thanks.  It’s been awhile.  I started the new year saying I was going to post more but, alas, another resolution falls by the wayside.  I just looked, and my last . . . Read More

Live Music in Unexpected Places

Hello Enthusiasts – So, sometimes you seek things out and sometimes you stumble onto them.  I’m a fan of both – and to really enjoy what Downtown and all of Los Angeles has to offer, you do have to be . . . Read More

Worth It … If You Can Get In

Hello again – Well, I started off the year saying I was going to post more often even if they were shorter, and I’m still only managing something  something like one post a month.  Oh well.  Doing my best here. . . . Read More

7th & Grand Continues Its Dominance

Hello Enthusiasts – Well, one of my enthusiast-olutions was to write about newer places sooner, even if it meant fewer bells and whistles.  So … here goes. And … showing the difficulty of that, I wrote the line above 4 . . . Read More