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In Defense of the Corporate

Hello Enthusiasts – Let me start this post by saying this is a positive recommendation. Loyal readers of this little vanity project know that, as a rule, I don’t write about places I don’t like. People often ask me about my “reviews” . . . Read More

An Overdue Rave

Hello Enthusiasts – I know, I know.  Many of you depend on me to tell you about new, cool places you should check out.  Or, even more accurately, new places that are SO cool that I actually am inspired to . . . Read More

Quick Post … Big Opening … Beyond Exciting

Hello Enthusiasts – First, let me acknowledge what I’m sure you all thought when you got the email alerting you to a blog post in your inbox:  “TWO BLOG POSTS IN ONE WEEK?!  IS IT MY BIRTHDAY?”  You’re welcome. But . . . Read More