Monthly Archives: November 2010

First Look: 1886 at The Raymond

November 18, 2010

Hello Enthusiasts – I know – you don’t hear from me for months, and now the hits just keep on coming.  But when stuff happens that I feel like y’all would want to know about, your loyal Enthusiast can’t tamp … Continue reading

The Virtues of Winging It

November 11, 2010

Hello Enthusiasts – One of the things I love about Los Angeles is that it’s a “found” city.  I have written about this before but it bears repeating.  Unlike New York or Chicago or San Francisco, LA doesn’t come to you.  … Continue reading

First Look: The Royce & The Tap Room

November 5, 2010

Hello Enthusiasts – This post is going to be short and mostly (self taken) pictures, but I wanted to strike while the iron is hot – maybe help answer the inevitable “whaddayawanna do this weekend” that stumps us half the … Continue reading