Monthly Archives: August 2011

For Those Who Think Rivera Is (committing heresy here) Overrated

August 26, 2011

Hello Enthusiasts – As you all know, I like to celebrate the best of Downtown – and there’s a lot to celebrate.  I don’t make a habit of going negative on places for the simple fact that a rising tide … Continue reading

An Actual "Restaurant" Review

August 17, 2011

Hello Enthusiasts – This blog post will contain an actual restaurant review, or something close to it.  What? you say.  Don’t you always review restaurants?  Well, no.  Actually not. As a result of this little vanity project, I frequently get … Continue reading


August 8, 2011

Hello Enthusiasts – My passion for Downtown continues unabated … but after a torrid period of exciting new restaurant and bar openings, things have calmed down somewhat.  Sure, new places still open every week, but many of them are now … Continue reading